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All ingredients in our cookies have been specially chosen for the best benefits, and as a certified holistic nutritionist, we chose ingredients that are natural, safe and offer many health benefits for your equine partner. All ingredients correspond with one another in our formula, but we do NOT guarantee anything listed below. These treats are intended for reward purpose only and are not considered a complete diet unless fed at the required rate for the horse. Please talk to our nutritionist if you would like more details, or would like to add more to your horse's diet. 



Natural Anti-inflammatory with high Omegas 3s, with a digestible fat of 40%, protein of 20% and 30% fiber. Flax improves skin and coat condition naturally. Flax a natural calcium content which is essential to balancing with the high phosphorus sunflower seeds. 


Chia Seeds

High in omegas and magnesium. Chia seeds have various benefits in reducing inflammation and increasing joint mobility, metabolic concerns, healthy hooves, and ulcer prevention. Because Chia seeds retain moisture, they seem to help horses stay hydrated and retain electrolytes. Having the highest omega 3 content, they can help boost the immune system as well. 


Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Extremely high in fat and are very digestible. 


Hemp Hulls

We chose the Elite Three Hemp Hulls for our treats. This highly palatable source of digestible fiber promotes a robust microflora in the hindgut and together with hemp seed oil provides the energy necessary for performance and condition.



Offer a natural binder with an apple taste that horses love! Applesauce is high in water and contains natural ingredients for safe baking! We chose unsweetened to make our cookies as low of sugar as possible.

Organic Peppermint and Apple Extract

In our peppermint snacks, we use organic extract. Peppermint has been thought to aid in joints and inflammation, as well as calming. You will find peppermint is used in our joint support formula. 

Apple extract is used to replace Applesauce for snacks that need to last longer then 10 days.


Quick Oats

Used for bulk purposes, no real nutritional value. We grind them in a blender to make Oat flour. 

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